Monday, November 19, 2007

It's still snowing...

It's still snowing here. It did stop for about an hour today, when it turned into a light rain, but it's back to snow again now. Luckily, it's warmish though, so it's not accumulating at all on the roads and sidewalks. There's about an inch or so on the ground. I can live with that. LOL!

Grace had a 2-hour delay for school this morning, which she loved, but was pissed school wasn't canceled. LOL! God, I remember being a kid and how excited I'd get when school was closed for a snow day. Poor kid. LOL!

I took some pictures at the bus stop this morning.

Watching Grace Leave


Walking in Snow

Making a Snowball

Throwing a Snowball


jeanne_bean said...

Yikes! Snow is the one thing Jeff and I don't miss at all about PA. Better you than us. LOL! Hope the girls enjoy it while it lasts!

Happy thanksgiving too.

Cat Herder said...

Holy schnikies! I'm not ready for snow!! NOT READY. My kids don't even have boots!!


Great pics. Hannah's eyes get me every time.

Chelle Y. said...

That is the one bad thing about living here, no Snow Days! I lived in New Jersey for eight years of my life, and loved having snow days. We're still wearing short sleeves here, but I am ready for sweaters.

Tink said...

I miss snow days. Hurricane days just weren't the same... :(

Emily said...

OK, I'm jealous...I would love fun, so pretty...