Friday, October 12, 2007

[Sigh] She's done it again...

My sister-in-law that is. (We'll call her J. from here on out.) Remember a few months ago when my mother-in-law told Steve that J. had joined a gym and was getting all buff? And how the evil competitive side of me could NOT let her be thinner than me (which is totally unlike me), and so I "joined" a gym for a week. (In actuality, I had a free pass for a week and then never paid to join and never went back. LOL!) And then how about 2 weeks later, Steve & I were visiting my mother-in-law and we came to find out that J. did NOT in fact join a gym?

Well, she's done it again. Steve stopped at my MIL's house last night after his dentist appointment, and when he got home, he said that his mom said that J. had been bugging her to join the gym together. And that a few days later, J. told her that instead of joining, she had cleaned off her enclosed back porch and set up a little mini gym with her treadmill, some other equipment, etc. and was going to work hard to lose weight. Shit. Now you all know what that means for me. It means I have to start working out and losing weight. Ugh.

In a weird coincidence though, last weekend my sister was here and mentioned that she's selling her treadmill now that her and my BIL are getting divorced. I asked how much she wants and she said fifty bucks. I said, "SOLD!" I really do want to do something other than sit here on my fat ass, and for $50, who the hell cares if I never use it, right? LOL! So this was all BEFORE I found out J. was starting to exercise again, but not that I found out she is exercising, I have to too. [sigh] I actually have lost weight recently. Not on purpose, and not by trying, but I'm down to 130-ish, which is the lightest I've been in years. But I am NOT in good shape at all, so I really should try to get some exercise here and there. But shit, now it's a competition. Ick.

(Oh, and remember I used to comment on J.'s painted on comma-shaped eyebrows? I did manage to snag a photo one day, so I'll post it later and we can vote on whether or not they are indeed fake and if she is, in fact, in serious need of an eyebrow-painting tutorial.)


In other news, I drove all the way to the costume place yesterday and they didn't have the costume Grace wants. [sigh] So since I was already in the "city" I ran into Barnes & Noble and snagged 4 new books from the clearance bins. I LOVE the clearance bins. LOL! So that's cool. Maybe I can read them while I walk on my new treadmill. [rolls eyes and sighs]

OK. Hannah has a daycare field trip to the pumpkin patch today and I'm meeting the class there in a few hours, so I have to go get ready. More later. In the meantime, here's another picture of Grace from the weekend. Dear lord, that child loves her stuffed animals. LOL! (And yes Tink, she did get a haircut. Hannah did too, but it's not as noticeable.)

Grace and Her Dog


Chelle Y. said...

I need to work out too. I have a Pilates DVD in my record, but have yet to turn it on. Hey, it's in there! That's a start, right? :)

Maybe I should get off the computer and go check it out? Nah?

Hey, you could try walking on it with your computer? That might help!

Chelle Y. said...

See, I cannot even type correctly either. I meant recorder, better yet, DVD player.

Mary said...

Hey if your sis is getting divorced, who the heck gets the dogs??!??!

ALLISON said...

Oh Mary, you have NO idea how much those dogs are affecting this whole thing. She gets 'em. But there's all sorts of other crap related to it. I'll update in a post later today. LOL!