Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Only Half Back

Dear lord, this cold is kicking my ass. I will say that today is the first day that I can actually BLOW the snot out. Up until now, it was just thick ol' gunk that stayed up in my head no matter what I did to try to loosen it and get it out. So although I'm coughing more today and blowing my nose a hell of a lot, it's better than the past four days, so I'll take it.

Anyway, enough about my snot. I don't have much to update you guys on since I didn't do much of anything all week. I HAVE to finish up a document for work today or risk getting my ass reamed out. So I can't stay here long since I need to finish it up, send it off, and then head to the bank (again) for Steve. I took a few pictures last weekend and thought I'd share. Now you may notice there's a little copyright symbol on them. Believe me people, I, in no way, shape or form deem myself a professional photographer worthy of a copyright. But word on the street is that more and more photos are being pulled from Flickr (and other sites) and being posted elsewhere and/or printed without the photographers' permission. Since I upload all of my photos to Flickr in order to post them here, I just quick threw that copyright on there to be safe. You're actually supposed to put it right over the subject's face in order to completely screw up any ideas of copying, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. LOL!

Anyway, here ya go. Some more eye candy for you. (And the reason I always have way more photos of Hannah than Grace is because 1) Hannah MAKES me take her picture half the time... and 2) Grace doesn't flippin' sit still long enough for me to take a picture of her, so all the ones I have of her are her blurry and in motion. LOL!)

Hannah lost in thought...

Hannah Daydream


Hannah being whiny because she wasn't getting her way...

Hannah Closeup


Hannah being a goofball... (This photo was taken about 2 minutes after the one above. I swear the child is bipolar. LOL!)

Hannah Goofy Face


And one of Grace. She's not yelling. She's singing...

Grace Singing


Cat Herder said...

They are so stinkin' cute. I can't stand it!

Tink said...

I second the whole "stinkin' cute" sentiment. ;)

Carrie said...

I heart your girls. :)