Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hey gang...

I don't have too much to update on. Yesterday, I spent several hours cleaning up Hannah's pigsty of a room and rearranging the furniture in there. It looks really nice and clean, but I'm not naive enough to think it'll last long. [sigh]

I'm getting ready to drive 30 miles (one way) to pick up Grace's Halloween costume before they sell out of her size. Then I'm coming home and starting on Grace's pigsty of a room. Oink. Blech.

Here are a bunch of photos from the weekend and two layouts I've done in the past few days.

Tink, you were correct the other day. Hannah was indeed wearing a bowling shirt. LOL! My mom cleaned out her attic and found my older brother, Kyle's, bowling shirt from when he was a kid. It's Hannah's latest obsession in terms of clothing. And note that she's still wearing that damn brown skirt that's Grace's. [sigh]

Hannah_Bowling Shirt


Here's one of the girls carving these two tiny pumpkins they picked up at a pumpkin patch last week.

oct 07 2007_0071_Vintage


Grace with the finished jack o' lanterns.

Grace Pumpkins


And one of Grace that I really like.

Grace Closeup


And finally, my two layouts.




Chelle Y. said...

I never realized how pretty Grace's eyes were before now. It's easy to see that Hannah's eyes are beautiful because her blue pops out. But, Grace's dark, brown eyes are so soulful and fantastic.

Who ever said, "Blue eyes are better?" Haha!

Tink said...

Great picture of Grace! Did she get a hair cut? I love the pumpkins. I can't wait to pick some up this weekend. But I'm not looking forward to the disaster I'm going to wake up to one morning after the neighborhood brats destroy them.

hepmomto3 said...

They get more beautiful all the time. I'm constantly in awe of your talent Allison!!