Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I finished Hannah's invitations about 10 minutes ago. Tomorrow morning, I'll print 'em out, mail 'em off, and I'm DONE with all that stuff (until I have to make the thank you cards for their parties). Here they are:

When I was making these, it struck me (yet again) how different the girls are. I've got Grace handing out invitations with slimy snakes and lizards all over 'em, and I've got Hannah, who usually wears so much pink that it looks like she and a bottle of Pepto Bismol got in a fist fight and the Pepto won. Eh. It makes for interesting days around here I suppose.

Anyway, now that her invitations are done, I can start on my friend, Geena's, signature for her message boards and my friend, Melissa's, blog header. WOOHOO! [You can't see me, but I'm doing the Cabbage Patch right now.]

I'm also pumped because Steve and I talked tonight and we're going to ask my MIL & FIL if they want to chip in with us and buy the girls this kick ass gift (or a similar one) for their birthdays:
I hope everyone agrees to it, because I must admit that I kind of want it for myself more than the kids. Can you imagine this sucker at the pig roast this year? Awesome!

Anyway, my eyes are closing while I type this and my head keeps jerking me awake, so me thinks it's time to finish my beer and hit the sack. Later!


Chelle said...

That would be one great gift!

Haha, so you do have a girly-girl and you're not one, are you? :) (Neither am I)

geenalyn said...

love the colors in Hannah's invite. And WHOO HOO on working on my signature LOL, but seriously no rush.

And i totally hope everyone agrees to that purchase for the girls...i think having something like that would totally rock, and you have the perfect property for it

Agent M said...

DH and I drool over those every year. LOL

Kimmykay said...

What message board??? AND doing headers for blogspot? Could I beg at some point in the future?

Kimmykay said...

Ooops, I LOVE the invites. I find it amazing how different all my kids are in things like this. Amazing.