Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Over...

Hannah's party that is. It went well generally speaking in that the kids had a BLAST and the slide is a HUGE hit. But throughout the day we had to suffer through...

1. My friend's 2-year-old burning the shit out of his hand when he touched an exposed lightbulb on one of our lamps.

2. Grace bleeding (which is actually nothing unusual).

3. Everyone here at the party wanting to beat the living SHIT out of Gunnar who kept soaking the adults with water guns while laughing like a possessed demon.

4. Steve having to patch my parents' tire that was going flat on their brand new car.

5. An hour (at least) long thunderstorm, complete with hail.

6. A big hunk of our rain gutter flying off the house during the above mentioned thunderstorm and missing my sister's minivan by inches.

7. My brother falling (during a water battle) and completely flattening a metal bucket that I had flowers planted in.

8. Me finally flipping the hell out (not one of my prouder moments, although several people agreed) and deflating the slide when the GROWN people (sister, Steve, 16-year-old nephew, BIL, etc.) got WAY out of hand with Super Soakers, squirting people that didn't want to be squirted, going on the slide while the little kids were on it, practically launching them off of it, Gunnar pushing Hannah down it and Hannah crying, and Grace almost toppling off the side of it, all while (and due to) the "grown-ups" having a water battle.

8. Me not being able to smoke through ANY of it because my parents were here.

** Note to Sister: Do NOT buy the children Super Soakers to be given to them on the day of a party with a bunch of immature jackasses.

Photos tomorrow (and I've got some really good ones).


Kimmykay said...

Wow! It sounds even better than the pig roast. LOL. I'm sorry things got out of hand but would have loved to have been there to see you in action. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Chelle said...

That sounds like our family reunions! :)