Saturday, June 09, 2007


I was tagged by Sara, so before I go shower and start my day, I thought I'd quick post this:

The challenge is to use ONE WORD for each answer (no explanations).

Yourself: Funny

Your Partner: Understanding

Your Hair: Messy

Your Mother: Godsend

Your Father: Open-Minded

Your Favorite Item: Computer

Your Dream Last Night: None

Your Favorite Drink: Beer

Your Dream Car: Minivan

Your Dream Home: New

The Room You Are In: Living

Your Fear: Cancer

Where You Want To Be In Ten Years: Here

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: mother-in-law

You're Not: Neat

One of Your Wish List Items: Money

The Last Thing You Did: Smoked

You Are Wearing: T-shirt

Your Favorite Weather: Cool

Your Favorite Book: Photo

Last Thing You Ate: Pringles

Your Life: Crazy

Your Mood: Tired

Your Best Friend: Steve

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Waterslides

Your Car: Accord

What Are You Doing At The Moment: This

Relationship Status: Married

What Is On Your TV: Nickolodeon

What Is The Weather Like: Breezy

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Today

I'm tagging Geena, Kim (she knows where she is), & Chelle


Kimmykay said...

I love reading these things.

Mary said...

glad you're posting again :)

Tink said...

Your dream car is a Minivan?!

Chelle said...

Yay, I have something to post tomorrow! :)