Tuesday, June 05, 2007

She's ALIVE!!!

Yeah. I'm here. Sorry I deserted you yet again. I was spending every waking moment last week making 20 layouts for a photo book for Steve for Father's Day. I had an offer for a free one from Shutterfly, but you had to order it by May 31st. Let's just say that exactly 11:59 PM, I clicked Order for that sucker. LOL! You can check it out here if you're interested:

As soon as I got that damn thing done, I had to immediately start on Grace's birthday party invitations. Her party isn't until July 8th, but this is her last week of school so I had to finish them so she could hand them out to the class. She's having a reptile party at a local environmental center. She's pretty pumped since she knows she'll get to touch some snakes. LOL! That kid kills me. Here are the invitations (with any information that would help you find and stalk me blacked out. LOL!):



We also enclosed a request that each child try to bring one item to donate to the center that day. The center has a wish list on their website and it's all little things like Dawn dish liquid, paper towels, acorns, etc. We're all really looking forward to the party. Well, except for my mother-in-law who is TERRIFIED of snakes. But maybe she'll get so scared, she'll shit in a bush again and I'll have another blog story to tell. LOL!

Next is Hannah's party. That's just a small BBQ type thing here at the house, mostly just for family. But that's in like a week and a half, so I have to get my ass in gear today, make the invites, and get them in the mail tomorrow. [sigh] Damn me having two kids with birthdays two weeks apart.

Now let's throw in T-ball games twice a week, other kids' birthday parties, gymnastics two nights a week, and general everyday stuff, and I'm freakin' busy. LOL! But this is Grace's last week of school, and I tend to blog more in the summer for some reason, so hopefully, I'll be around a bit more now. Well, as soon as I finish Hannah's damn invitations. LMAO!

OK gang. I'm off to shower, have a conference call with my latest project team, and put away 8 billion loads of laundry before Grace gets home from school at lunchtime. [sigh] Later gators!


Mary said...

Project team? Does that mean you were able to scratch up some work? I hope so!

I'm sad, t-ball is over for us as of tomorrow night. Jacob as had so much fun, and we've had stuff 2-3 nights a week, and now we have nothing....

The invites look great, that is such a good idea for a party, I'm sure the kids are going to love it!

And the photo book is awesome--Steve better love it ;)

Allison said...

Mary, it's my old project actually. I had to pull off of it for a month and a half because the damn client couldn't make up their damn mind about what they wanted in their software. But now I rolled back on, so I should have work for the next 3 or 4 weeks at least. :)

T-Ball and gymnastics both end for us at the end of June. Then there's nothing. Grace is going to be sooooooo freakin' bored being here with me all day, every day. [sigh] LOL!

geenalyn said...

The photo book for steve is freakin' fantastic!! He is going to love it.

Gracie's party sounds like so much fun.

All four kiddos have soccer this summer (it started 2 weeks ago and goes thru the beginning of september). Daynah has it twice a week, but the kidods only once. Of course one of the nights the kiddos has it so does Daynah, at the same time, at opposite locations....

Tink said...

A REPTILE party? Man, that girl is crazy. She'd love the Alligator Farm here. They show you how to tie a gator's mouth shut. I don't see how that skill would be very useful in the real world, but you never know. ;)

Chelle said...

That's so cool! You have girls and you are throwing a reptile party! Grace totally rocks! :)