Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I went grocery shopping today and now, my friends, I am thrilled to report that there are Pringles AND a gallon of Breyers Cyclone Caramel Cup ice cream. Mama's eating GOOD tonight. Mmmmhmmmm. [happy, happy sigh]

So, apparently, I'm not the only parent that likes to make our kids do stupid things so we can take pictures. The other day, Steve dressed up both girls in his turkey hunting gear. Terrorists or hunters? You make the call...

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Belynda said...

YAY!! Real food!! Rock on!

Yeah, um...the girls do look a bit scary...hunter would not be the first word to come to mind! LOL

Chelle Y. said...

They look so cute! They are going to be hunting Bambi with their daddy before you know it! :)

Amber said...

LOL! Turkey Terrorist.