Monday, August 07, 2006

Whew. It's over.

The weekend that is. Dear lord, this weekend was NUTS!

On Saturday afternoon, I took Grace to a birthday party at a bowling alley. Yay. LOL! So we get home from that, and I immediately had to change myself, change the girls, do all of our hair, throw them back into the car, and we all went to my MIL's husband's surprise 60th birthday party.

It was fun, and he was surprised, but I had to stay sober (designated driver), so I was really ready to just head out by like 8:00. LOL! The girls had a BLAST though. And other than a little potty accident by Hannah at one point, they were pretty damn good.

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Sunday was more craziness. My nephew was getting baptized and Steve is the godfather. So I had to get the girls all prettied up again, and we headed to the church. My nephew is actually already a year and a half old, so he was NOT happy about being held during the ceremony and pretty much screamed and was pissed off the whole time. LOL! This is the only picture I got of Steve with him.

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We left the church and headed to a local restaurant for the baptismal lunch. It's on top of a local mountain, and you can see for miles around from up there. It's actually kind of a famous place in some ways, but I can't get into it, or all of you freaky internet stalkers will figure out when town I live in and come kill me. (LOL! As if I'm worth all that effort.) So anyway, we got some good pictures up there of the family.

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So we eat, and somehow I get stuck taking the kids outside to wait for the adults to finish up inside. It was damn hot and the kids were getting a bit "rammy" at this point. So I finally just let them play in the dirt, get filthy, and hoped my sister-in-law wouldn't freak the hell out when we walked back in and she saw how dirty her son was.

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I finally get the kids to go back inside where I found the other adults enjoying dessert and passing around pictures that my sister-in-law's dad had of hunting or something. What the HELL! I was sweating, dealing with three kids (one of which was my out of control nephew), and you're in here eating cake and looking at pictures? Bastards. I was pissed. LOL!

So anyway, we head home for a brief two-hour rest, and then it was off to my mother-in-law's house. [sigh] See, her husband's son had flown in from Texas for the surprise party and we've never really met him before (MIL's only been married for three years). So they wanted everyone to hang out and get to know each other before he and his family flew back today.

So that's all good. Except my sister-in-law kept telling my nephew to get out of the dirt. Um, sweetheart, the whole yard is dirt because Steve poured a new patio and sidewalks and they didn't plant grass yet. So she keeps flipping out about that, but wasn't yelling at him when he was fist fighting with his little three-year-old step-cousin. [shaking head] I don't get it.

But anyway, funniest pictures ever. They decided to get a picture of each family with their kids. Great. So they take one of my step-FIL's two sons with their families and then it's our turn. After a few where Grace makes goofy faces, we finally get a nice one. (Note to self: Don't sit next to Hannah in pictures anymore. Because even if you aren't large and aren't wide, you will look like it in comparison to the little munchkin who barely weighs 25 lbs.)

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Then it's my brother- and sister-in-law's turn. Oh my god. My nephew was having NONE of it (even though the little devil tried to run in front of everyone else while they were getting their pictures taken. So first we have this picture. Gunnar flipping out, sister-in-law trying to smile anyway while holding Gunnar down Gunnar is screaming...

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Then we have the next picture, which totally cracks me up. Gunnar is still screaming and fighting, and everyone else in the picture is looking at him, wondering what the hell his problem is. Except my sister-in-law, who, wants to keep a good impression in front of everyone, just stares at the camera, with a pinched smile, trying to act like her child hasn't been the worst-behaved one there all night. Cracks my shit up, let me tell you...

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And so you can get an even better look at her face...

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LOL! So anyway, it was a busy weekend, with lots of late nights. Hopefully, things will slow down a bit now. We're all freakin' exhausted.


Melissa said...

I know that look! I use it too! That's my "Quincy's having a bad day look." Poor woman, I feel her pain.


Alien said...

Don't feel bad for her. She was an ass last night. She didn't discipline him AT ALL and I can assure you, there were times he NEEDED to be yelled at.

And what REALLY pissed us off is that, at one point, ALL of the other women cleaned up. The yard was trashed, the house was trashed, there were dishes and toys everywhere, etc. She just SAT there watching all of us do it. And what was even worse is that while cleaning up, we were ALSO watching her two freakin' kids in the backyard who kept running off. I was ready to THROTTLE her. That's just damn rude.

Chelle Y. said...

That picture is priceless! Someday, you'll have to show it to all of Gunner's friends when he is older!

Melissa, Quincey was not that bad!

Amber said...

LOL! Your mean. heheheehe.

That one of the mountain view is cool... I may just find you yet! Wahahahaha!


Melissa said...

Ok, well then she deserved it. I HATE it when people just assume that everyone else wants to watch their kids.

Alien said...

Especially HER kids. Although the younger one isn't old enough to really misbehave yet, he IS at the age where you have to watch him constantly so he doesn't wander off, fall of the raised patio, etc. And the older one. Oy. I don't think MANY people would volunteer to watch him. He's not so good. LOL!

Alien said...

LOL! Amber, I'd tell you where I lived. It's the creepy people that DON'T post or comment here that freak me out. LOL!

And you should see that view in the fall. Imagine all of those mountains as one big sea of orange, yellow and red leaves. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Susan said...

I'm tired just reading about your weekend.

Great family photo!

Who is the older boy in the photo with evil SIL?

Alien said...

Susan: That's my other nephew, Tommie. BIL got a girl pregnant right out of high school (He lives with her and her new DH). Tommie's 15 now. He's a GREAT kid, but SIL and BIL treat him like crap. If it wasn't for Steve and I telling him and TAKING him to my step-FIL's party and his half-brother's baptism, he wouldn't have been there. Seriously, they didn't even TELL him that his freakin' brother was going to be baptized. Asses. Both of them.

Alien said...

Oh, and I'm SURE SIL was pissed that Tommie was told to get into the family picture with them. If it was up to her, it'd be her, Tom, the two boys they had together and that's it. :(

rnm said...

I got a kick reading about your SIL. My SIL (my husband's sister) is just like her. Maybe even worse. She arranged a surprise 40th anniversary party for her parents and didn't ask us to help or even invite us until the Tuesday of the party. Even then she sent the invite to my husband's work. (We live in the house the grew up in and the address hasn't changed)

Melissa said...

Amber, we'll go to Pigroast '08 together!

Kimmykay said...

I am LOL at your "poor" SIL. Is this the one with the same shorts all the time? Do I know what wonderful name they chose for the younger brother?

You know I love all the pictures.

Alien said...

LOL Kim, yes, this is the one that always wears khaki bottoms and plain colored tops. Although, this particular day, she wore white capris, so maybe she's branching out? LOL!

And their youngest son is named Garrett. Still not really my style, but at least it's a little more "normal" than Gunnar. ;)

Belynda said...

I love your family pics...especially the one with the mountain view...just gorgeous!

Sounds like your SIL is a lazy bum! That stinks!

Susie said...

Those family pics are great!! The mountain view is amazing. I have to say your SIL pic cracked me up too, but lets face it - with Dylynn, I have had that face. LOL!!

Tink said...

Bwahahahaha! That picture of SIL and the screaming kid is PRICELESS. Holy shit I can't stop laughing. Thank you. That totally made my day.

Tink said...

I had to look at it again. She looks like a deer in headlights. Or maybe she's just turned her screensaver on as the last nerve breaks. LOL.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Lord, woman, there are tumbleweeds on this blog. Getcher ass back here! I need entertainment!