Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Coming! It's Coming!

The pig roast that is. It's in two weeks and we're gearing up here at the L----------- house. The garage is being cleaned out... The invitations have been made, printed, and sent...  Land was cleared and stuff was sprayed in an attempt to finally kill the poison ivy that takes up half our hill in the backyard... Yup. It's here.

I'm actually pretty excited about it this year. Not that I wasn't other years too, but this year, I'm much more relaxed about the whole thing. I won't be on two full-time projects this time that require me to ignore my house guests for the few days that they're here... I don't have as many out-of-town guests coming in (Not that I don't adore my friends that come in early. But it's a lot easier to only worry about ONE set of sheets being freshly laundered and having enough food to feed two people, than like 15. LOL!)... I know WAY more quick and easy recipes for food to make ahead of time... And mentally, I'm just in a better frame of mind.

We're expecting more people than ever before which totally has me pumped. And this year, we're having the entire shindig "down back" on our property. Previous years, the food, beer, bathrooms, etc., were all in our upper backyard, and then if anyone wanted to play volleyball, horseshoes, etc., they had to walk down the hill to the lower property, so I always felt "disconnected" from half the people here. But Steve has busted his ass for months clearing out a ton of overgrown areas, poison ivy, etc. so we can have everyone in one spot. It should be  a blast!

So if I'm scarce for the next week or two (the pig roast is August 4th), it's because there's still a shitload to do in preparation. But I'll be popping in. I swear. :)


geenalyn said...

i can't believe its been two years now since i was there for the pigroast...i'd go again in a heartbeat...i had so much fun that night :)

Kimmykay said...

Wow! Pig roast time. I swear on a stack of books that we will make it there at least once. Of course we have moved in the wrong direction but we could still make it some day!

At least you kitchen is going full throttle!

fishface said...

I have read about your famous pig roasts..can't wait to hear how much fun it was and all the crazy things that happen this time. Hope you have a fun, relaxing time.

slh said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. Any boardies going this year?

Mary said...

Have fun! I could sure use a fun night, too bad you're just about as far away from as you could be....heheh

enjoy yourself!

Amber said...

Easy kick-ass food that always works for a group. People love it, and it is easy-pleasey.

Amber's SouthWestern White Bean Chicken Chili: Makes a pot for many.

*One Family Size Cream of Chicken
*four cans S&W white cooked white beans
*two cans chicken broth
* Four breast chicken, cooked and chopped.
* small can chopped green chili
*half small can jalepenos, or to tasts.
*cumin-- tablesppon, or to taste
*tablespoon chili podwer
*large cube chicken boulion
*one large white onion, chopped
*half cup shredded mexican blend cheese

Cook and chop chicken, then add all stuff to pot to simmer up. Garnish with sour cream, more cheese, salsa

SO YUMMY! (healthy, for mister-good-for-you guy) ;)


Amber said...

Oh yeah! and torila chips! I crunch them up or use to scoop. ;)

Amber said...

um torilLA chips. (I hate this computer)


Chelle Y. said...

Has it already been a year!?! It seems like I was just reading about the last one. :)

Hope you have fun! I have my class reunion that weekend! I am so excited!

Susie said...

Will there be beer pong? Do let us know how the tournament goes!! Can't wait to read all about it!!aaibvl