Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hola chicos (and chicas)!


There's so much going on here. I just have a TON of stuff to do for this weekend's pig roast. [sigh]

But in other news, Grace got asked to be on the competitive team at gymnastics. We're saying no, mind you (HER choice, but I was thrilled with her choice), but it was really nice to be asked. Especially since they only choose 9 kids out of ALL the kids that go there that are her age (and there's a lot of 'em... trust me). But she doesn't like it enough to go for the three hours a week they want you there, and I don't think a 6-year-old should be there three hours a week while also going to competitions on weekends, trying to play soccer and t-ball, AND go to 1st grade. So we're not doing it. And I'm glad. LOL!

There's more stuff to talk about, but I have to get my ass in gear this morning. I've got lots of errand running to do today and I believe the kids think I'm taking them swimming, although I'm not really sure where they got that idea from. LOL! Later!

This dude draws cool art in the dust on cars' windshields. Pretty cool...


Chelle Y. said...

Yay, Grace! Enjoy being a kid! :)

That is cool art! Although, I would be so ticked if I spent all my time working on that art and then it rained! :)

geenalyn said...

what an honour for Gracie, but even better that you both were okay with turning it down.