Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Seriously Need to Update You Guys On Before I Lose You All as Readers

1. The Taylor Hicks concert and the funny stuff from that night.
2. Grace's first ever dentist appointment.
3. My own effing tooth that is killing me today, but that I'm trying to ignore.
4. My sister's life and how I have such conflicted feelings about the whole thing.
5. The fact that I agreed to keep my MIL's dog here in my home for a WEEK next week. (Y'all know I'm not a big fan of dogs (or animals in general). At all. [sigh])
6. My new favorite layout I did earlier this week. It seriously rocks if I do say so myself, and (in my opinion) is rather hilarious.
7. My new obsession to add as many people as possible to my Friends list in Hello.
8. How taking pictures of my husband gutting fish is really not something I enjoy doing contrary to his beliefs.
9. My newest snack obsession (as if you care).
10. My thoughts on American Idol (again, because I know you care).
11. How I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with Grace this summer when she's home from school.
12. How I laughed out loud when I received a voice mail asking me to bake something for the spring dance Grace's school is having next Friday. (You kind of need an oven in order to make that happen, no?)
13. How I continue to become more and more of a dork as the days pass.


Sara said...

Oh please, please add me to Hello!!!

September said...

That site is *quite* cool. I know what I'll be wasting my time on tonight.

Allison said...

Sara: I sent you an invite a few hours ago. :) Can't wait to see you in my list. WOOHOO!

September: Isn't it COOL?! All of the girls in the digi scrapbooking world use it, but I thought it was just an IM sort of thing. When I saw the whole thing with the photos and the weblinks, I was like, this RULES! LOL!

Tink said...

I care! Is it extra cheese goldfish crackers? White fudge pretzels? Chips and peanut butter?

geenalyn said...

dammit woman, get to updating us on all of those things!!

geenalyn said...

oh ya and i'm on hello too :) same user name as here

September said...

BTW, wasn't "buy an oven" on your MUST DO list a few months ago??

You'll know it's a lost cause when you start using the empty hole as storage space.

Allison said...

Uhhh, Grace has been using that hole for months now for her coat and backpack. [sigh] I suck. LOL!

Allison said...

Tink: It's pretzels dipped in Ranch dressing. [blush]

September said...

That's disgusting. Now *my* new nasty junk food obsession is faaaabulous (animal crackers dipped in the tub of cream cheese frosting).

Chelle said...

I am so with you on worrying about "losing my readers." I am so lazy on blogging these days. I just do not have anything interesting to write about these days. :)

#1 Dancer said...

Um, talk about six degrees of blogging separation... My SIL sent me here (Hi Tracy!!) because of the digital scrapbooking, and I've since come back b/c she recommended you as a good read and what do I see here but you've got Mama Tulip on your blog roll? AND Tink, who also posts on other blogs I read (TB, Brooke, etc. etc.) is ALSO posting here? Wow. Small world. Oh, and my SIL now knows I have a blog. (Shh! I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to tell.) Anyway, just saying hi and looking forward to having new digital cropping slash blogging friends!