Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lions and Tigers and BEARS! Oh my!

OK. So there aren't really lions and tigers. But there's definitely a bear. And she's in my living room, currently about 5 feet from where I type this. Steve's mount arrived today. I admit that for the past year, I wasn't too keen on a completely lifesize bear in my living room. But I went with Steve to the taxidermist today to pick it up and immediately fell in love. For real. I LOVE the damn thing. [sigh]

The taxidermist is a young guy, about our age, whose wife helps him. The man is truly gifted and he's one of those people that you can tell after talking to him for 5 minutes, that he truly, truly loves his work, is inspired by it, and basically lives for it. The mount is stunning.

Now had I walked into his shop and seen the bear standing on its hind legs, claws out and fangs showing, I wouldn't have liked it very much. But instead, I saw a nature scene... a bear with her hind legs on the ground and her front paws on a rock, looking up with curiosity at a beehive hanging from a branch of a tree. It's almost peaceful really.

So she's now in our living room and the ol' girl needs a name. That's right. I said a name. I've become attached to her since this afternoon, and I feel bad calling her "the bear." I was jokingly calling her Smokey for a bit, since that's the only famous bear I could think of, but then I remembered that ours is a girl. So she needs a nice girl name. Something that isn't gay. Honest to god, I like her better than my real pets right now, so I want to give her name I truly like. LOL!

So here's the deal. I'm going to post some pictures now and you're all going to suggest some names for her. Then I'm going to write 'em all down (possibly narrow them down depending on how many suggestions there are) and post a poll tomorrow. Then everyone will vote and that's what her name will be. :) Deal?

So here are the pictures. I actually realized after downloading these off my camera that I didn't get a good angle. I'll take some more tomorrow, but these should be inspiration enough to start thinking of some names. Don't forget... it's a girl! :)

Editing to add: Sorry the pics are so big. I'll fix 'em tomorrow. I'm too tired to do it right now.


hepmomto3 said...

Hon...are those pictures of the dead bear framed next to it? LOL

Where oh where are the pics of your SIL??? That's what I was looking for.

Name the bear Kegger.

gb said...

I have to admit, that is pretty cool!!

Tink said...

How in the world do you keep something like that clean? Of course that's the first place my mind goes. *Eye roll*

It really is cool looking. So now you need a name... Hm. How about:

Boo Boo

God, could I be any LESS creative?

Black Betty

Kim said...

Aren't you a Miller Lite kind of gal?

Name her Millie.

Gracey said...

That is a beautiful looking creature....I have to say that he did a great job the mount. I actually love it. When you first wrote about a stuffed bear being in your living room, I was abhorred by the thought, but I have fallen in love too. :)

Now, for a name....let's see, how about Curious...I know, lame but thats what pops in my mind when I see her.

beth said...

Is she soft?

Per Tink's question...I use a hairdryer on warm or no heat to blow the dust off of my topiaries. Just don't ask me how often I bother to do it. ;-)