Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I know I haven’t been around…

Just been busy and don’t have much to blog about to be honest with you. Later tonight, hopefully. I got a bunch of layouts done over the Labor Day weekend though, which is cool. Here they are. All of these are “scraplifted” from other scrapbookers. That means I basically either use one of their layouts for inspiration, or basically copy it. I’ll post the credits for these later, but I really need to log into work now and get rolling.


Grace Closeup

Rock Star

Rope Swing


Kelly said...

I love that one of Grace with the dirty face. Every time I take pictures of the boys they have dirty faces. I guess it just shows they play hard.
BTW I left a comment at your flickr site about the other one.

Allison said...

LOL! Got your other comment, Kelly. I did have to make it so no one else can see it yet though. At least for the next few days. ;)

Sorry I'm torturing you! The CT is still waiting to see it too! Sigh.

Allison said...

Oops. I meant that the CT is still waiting to see the REST of the stuff. LOL!

hepmomto3 said...

SWEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!! These are awesome.