Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy crap!

Long time, no blog! Whassup with that? I didn’t even realize how long it had been. I don’t even have any good excuses. Yes, we’ve been really busy with school starting, soccer starting (for 2 kids, on 2 separate teams, with no games falling on the same night), open house at the school, homework, my job, etc. But nothing earth-shattering that should’ve prevented me from coming here to at least say hello to all of my fabulous fans. <--- Sarcasm there, people.

Let’s see… what should we talk about. I know! Let’s talk about I finally joined the rest of the free world and called the cable company for a DVR. Dear god, what did I do before this thing came into my home? I’m obsessed. I record TV series like it’s my job. I don’t even care if I don't ever watch them. I just like the comfort of knowing they’re there if I want to watch them. And I can pause live TV. Again, I, for the most part, have no reason to do this. And yet, I sit here pushing the pause button, just because I can. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing my friends. [happy sigh]


Let’s see… I’m still obsessed with America’s Got Talent, and Eli Mattson in particular. LOVE the guy. In ways no married woman should. And tonight, he made it into the top 10. And I’m very, very excited about that. (And thanks to the new DVR, have watched the announcement of him making it into the next round about 85 times. Sweet.)


What else. Ummmm… the digital scrapbooking designer I CT for, Jen Wilson, released a new line tonight. I freakin’ LOVE this line. Just cool, cool stuff. I had the pleasure of getting my grubby little hands on some of it a few weeks ago before it was released and I managed to crank out some layouts WAY faster than I normally do. It’s some good stuff. See?

Sweet Memories_English Challenge


Easy as 1_2_3

Evolution of Family

She’s running challenges with it, which are all detailed in the handbook here. And god bless the girl. Because her challenges ALWAYS make me really think about my layouts, which result in my favorite layouts of all time. That one on the bottom there (the “Our Family Evolution” one) is probably one of my favorite layouts ever. Not necessarily because of the scrapbooking part of it. Just because it has all of the important details of our family on it. It was so much fun to do!


Um, I think that might be it for tonight. I need to go to bed. I have shitloads to do tomorrow and it’s much easier to do when I have more than 3 hours of sleep. Later gang! :)


Amber said...

Gosh, I freaking love your pages! I realllly want to learn how to do that. How did you start?

I could not ever watch tv again without DRV/TiVo. Ever! I love the pause! Because kids talk and talk and keep you busy. Pause is FABulous. *happy sigh*


Tink said...

Your scrapbook pages are always amazing; but that family one takes the cake. Mmmm, cake. And what the hell is hot bologna? At first I thought you were talking about nuking bologna in the microwave or something and I was all like, um, Oh-kay. But then you mentioned it comes in a JAR. A jar?!

Susan's 365 said...

Those layouts are FABULOUS!!! I love the family one...although they're all great. One day I will make myself learn how to do that stuff. Thanks for sharing.

kim said...

Great layouts, but you forgot to leave a space for alien #5 on the last layout. :-)

Carrie said...

LOL - I agree with Kim - where is the spot for Alien baby?

Seriously though - your layouts are freaking amazing. I have a major case of digi-scrap envy over here.

Kelly said...

I think the family layout is my all time favorite one ever. Love it!
I've downloaded my goodies now I need to get busy. I missed chat last night because Colby refused to go to bed without me. Little stinker!