Saturday, June 25, 2005

God help me...

It's "just" a kitchen. Seriously. I've had no kitchen since the beginning of February and that entire part of my house is blocked off. I've been pretty damn patient with the whole thing if you ask me. But now I think I've reached my breaking point. Steve and I went to the designer on Thursday to finalize all of our cabinet and countertop choices (after 3 months and 11 different designs). I thought we were done. It was a two hour meeting filled with decisions, changes to those decisions, "discussions", and finally, some actual choices. Until we left the place. Five minutes after we walked out, Steve said he's not so sure about the white cabinets (that he wanted since day 1) and if we get natural wood cabinets, maybe the black countertops won't be the best choice. {insert choice words here}

So now he says, "Find a picture of the exact kitchen you want and we'll use that to base our selections on." Um, excuse me asswipe, but I've looked at literally hundreds pictures over the past few months and I've shown you about 50 of those. Now I have to do it again? Bite me. (*sigh*)

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