Monday, May 11, 2009

Let’s just let the pictures tell the story.

Since I obviously can’t be trusted or depended on to actually write any content on here these days (which is sad, since I’m often damn hilarious), I’m just going to post lots of photos of the past few weeks in our lives. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a total cop-out, but I’m cool with that. A picture speaks a thousand words after all, which means I just wrote 15,000 or so of them…

It’s fishing season here. The girls love fishing season.



Daddy & His Little Girl

Grace and Her Fish

Hannah continues to let everyone (including the Tooth Fairy) know who’s in charge.

Hannah's Note

Hannah’s dance recital is coming up soon.

The Charleston

We’ve all been doing lots of reading lately.

Book Worm 1

Book Worm 2

Reading Together

I made exploding photo boxes for Mother’s Day. Looks like a box, but when you take the lid off, the sides “explode” to reveal several layers of photos.

Exploding Photo Box 6

Exploding Photo Box 5

Exploding Photo Box 4

Exploding Photo Box 1

My girls get more beautiful by the day. :)


At the Bus Stop

More later. I’m off to watch tonight’s “House.” :)

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September said...

I LOVE that first shot of Grace reading.