Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey gang.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I swear, I feel like we’re all on full speed ahead here with no time to rest. Unfortunately, I don’t see a break anytime soon, so we’re just plugging along. Just lots of work stuff, extracurricular stuff for the girls, birthday parties, etc. and we’re all moving from morning ‘til night. I’m anxiously awaiting a day where we have NOTHING to do, but looking at our calendar, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day! We don’t really celebrate V-Day, so we didn’t do anything exciting, but it turned out to be a big day for both L------- girls anyway.

So last week, Grace failed her eye exam at school. I had her eyes checked just a few months ago, and that eye doctor swore her vision was fine, so I was a little surprised when she brought the paper home from school. So I decided to take her somewhere else this time, and scheduled an appointment for yesterday at the Lenscrafter in the mall.

So we get to Grace's eye appointment, the doctor uses his fancy machines to check her out and tells me she's 20/30 in her right eye, and practically legally blind in her left eye! WTF!?!? My heart dropped, and I tried to remain calm so as not to freak Grace out. I told him I had JUST had her to the eye doctor in October and that guy had said she was 20/20 and 20/30! He said it's possible she got bad that fast (growth spurt, etc.), but you could tell he was pretty sure the first eye doctor had fucked up. WTH?

So he says he wants to put drops in her eyes which will fully dilate her pupils for 24-48 hours, making bright light really uncomfortable for her and basically meaning she'll have blurry vision for at least a day, if not two, but allowing him to get her EXACT prescription for the glasses she definitely needed. The poor kid. She didn't care that she needed glasses, but once she started having the blurry vision, I could tell she was REALLY upset and freaked out. She remained calm on the outside, but was absolutely overwhelmed. She was also upset because I told her there was no way she could go to her playdate when we got home if she couldn't see. I think that’s why she was so upset to be honest with you.

So before her vision went completely blurry, we quick picked out an adorable pair of purple-ish/burgandy frames that look FANTASTIC on her. And I mean REALLY cute. Once her pupils were dilated, he rechecked her and it turns out her right eye is 20/30, and her left eye is freakin' 20/100. Sigh. She was pretty freaked out for the hour we waited while they made her glasses (since she still couldn't see right), but once we all ate lunch, watched Hannah get her ears pierced (more on that in a minute), and walked around the mall for a bit, she could start seeing a little better and cheered up. We went back to pick up her glasses and she was really excited to get them and get her cute little pink case that has handles like a little purse. :)

By the time we were coming home, I decided she was seeing well enough again to go to her playdate after all, so I dropped her off as soon as we got home.

So she'll need her glasses for distance (chalkboard, whiteboard, watching TV and movies, etc.), but not for close up reading, etc. She's actually excited about them now, which is great.

It was just an emotionally draining day for us. It KILLED me to see her so freaked out, depressed, etc. for that hour or two, knowing I couldn't really fix it. But all is well now, and she's got her glasses and is good to go. But when a mother hears the words “legally blind” it kind of freaks you out, ya know?

She’s doing well with them. She’s had a slight headache here and there since getting them (which is normal), and she’s sore behind her ears a bit, but all in all, they haven’t given her any problems.

So here she is, looking fantastically cute in her new glasses. :)

IMG_8753 copyCrop

IMG_8754 copy

Like I mentioned, Hannah also decided to get her ears pierced. She looks SO cute and didn't even flinch! :) I’m actually surprised it took her this long to get them pierced. I’ve been asking her for a year or so if she wanted them done, and she said no. But yesterday, apparently, she decided it was time. So she picked some pretty blue earrings, sat down, and got it done. LOL!

IMG_8741 copy

So that was our Valentine’s Day. I hope yours were all a bit more romantic. LOL!


Mary said...

Aw they both look adorable! the glasses look great on Grace, I think they make her look younger--so sweet.

and clara will be jealous if I tell her Hannah got her ears done. Clara has been wanting to, but never reminds me except for on the way to school. Or laying in bed at night. Then we both forget about it.

but they look great! and yeah, life needs to slow down, but I don't see it happening...

september said...

Grace looks awesome!!! The glasses look amazing--as do the new earrings (I feel so badly that Hannah's achievement is 2nd)).

You have a beautiful family.

geenalyn said...

I love Grace's new glasses...she looks especially studious in the second picture. This makes two weeks in a row now someone I know has gotten glasses. Last week my nephew (he's 3) got glasses...he's totally adorable in them.

And Hannah looks like a true princess with her ears pierced!!

Allison said...

Thanks guys!

September, I know what you mean, but I PROMISE you, that in real life, we've doted on them both equally. LOL! Grace's new glasses were a bit more emotional, just because we've tried to make sure she realizes it's OK, that no, kids won't make fun of her, etc.

For Hannah, we've all made a point of telling her how brave she was, how beautiful she looks, etc. She got to show Nana her new earrings before Grace showed Nana her new glasses, etc.

It's funny how different their personalities are. With Hannah, none of us could've said anything and she wouldn't have thought twice about it. With Grace, she needs much more reassurance about herself in general. EVERYONE always dotes on Hannah. I mean more strangers than family. Oh, she's SO pretty... oh she's SO cute... oh, her eyes are AMAZING... all to Hannah's face, while Grace just stands there. So Hannah already has a much better self-esteem than Grace.

So sometimes, yes, we have to try a little harder to reassure Grace. But even last night, at bedtime, Hannah said, "Gracie, I love you. And your new glasses are really, really cool." It was SO sweet. But it was almost like even Hannah knew Grace needed a little boost in terms of being comfortable with the whole thing.

But anyway, I wanted to make sure to say that although I talked WAY more about Grace's glasses than Hannah's earrings here, in real life, we all made a point of making sure they got equal time in the spotlight this weekend. :)

Tink said...

The both look so beautiful! Grace has the face for glasses. Like Lisa Loeb. I always envied the chicks who could pull off looking cute in frames. Not me though. Which is why I don't wear the glasses I need to this day. I think it was the eyepatch that traumatized me.

Renfield said...

Psst! Goofball, you went out of your way to get rid of your last name on Tink's caricature and there is it in black print in your 2nd paragraph. LOL!

Your girls both look awesome, but you already knew that =)

Tiffany said...

Welcome to the glasses club Grace! you look great! ANd Hannah I love the earrings you picked!!

Kelly said...

They both look gorgeous, Grace with her new glasses and Hannah with her new earrings.
Why does life have to be so freakin' busy? Jacob has started baseball thus why I haven't been over on the JWD board posting layouts. I've promised myself I'm doing the two challenges this week.

Amber said...

I LOVE Grace in those glasses!!! She looks ADORABLE. They actually bring out her eyes.

I have 20/400 without glasses or contacts. LOL! With, I am 20/40.At night, with no glasses I am pretty much blind.

It is great you caught it so early! And some kids outgrow poor vision, too. My little brother had glasses when he was little, and now he is a sharp shooter! lol

In the mean time, she looks cute.