Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hey gang!

Thought I'd pop in here on the ol' bloggy and post something. (I'm actually procrastinating cleaning the house, but hey, whatever gets me here, right? LOL!)

So two days ago, I turned 34 years old. That day was so freakin' busy with errands, cleaning, gymnastics classes, T-ball games, and playing with kids that it flew by with very little birthday celebration stuff going on. LOL! But last night, my family came over and we ate dinner (take out... I sure as hell wasn't cooking) and had some ice cream cake. So that was nice and the girls got to sing Happy Birthday, so it's all good. I'm not a big birthday person in general. I mean, I don't mind them at all. I could care less about turning older. But I don't really think they're a big deal either and don't really expect anyone to get all excited about it or anything. LOL!
I do however, think I may be having some sort of mid-life crises. I went shopping yesterday for some new summer digs and came home with almost all camoflauge stuff from the junior's department. What the hell? LOL! I do love it all though, so I guess it's OK then, right? LOL!
OK. I guess I need to go clean up. I think Steve's getting home kind of early and I don't want to look like a complete slacker. I'll post some layouts I've done this week. Jen Wilson released a huge Mother's Day kit called "One Haute Momma" and there were a bunch of daily challenges related to it. So those are all from the challenges. I normally wouldn't scrap pages about myself (because I have too many damn pictures of the girls to worry about), but the challenges required me to, so I went all out and acted like a complete dork (on some of them). LOL! See? ------>

Credits can be seen here.

Credits for this one are here.

Credits for this one are here.

And the award for the dorkiest layout goes to this gem. LOL! (We had to scrap a page celebrating ourselves, our style, etc. I would normally NOT take the time to do something like this. LOL!

Credits are here.


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

I didn't get past "juniors department."


fishface said...

These pages are great! Wish I was creative... Happy Belated Birthday!

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday!

Hey, I have to shop at the juniors department! I don't think I have anything camoflauge. :)

Great pictures!

hepmomto3 said...

Happy Birthday!! As always - love your LOs!

Amber said...


That last one is cute! lol